Some resources to help with your training

Available across our social channels and right here on this page

On the run up to Scotland's Virtual Kiltwalk we will be working with some excellent Fitness, Yoga, Dance and Mindfulness partners to bring you some energising (and relaxing) training resources for Scotland's Virtual Kiltwalk 23 - 25 April.

Yes that's right ... we are going to be working our bodies AND OUR MINDS! Looking after your body, mind and soul has never been more important and we promise to make it fun! Hopefully we will inspire you to try some new things and of course this is completely optional.

All of the content will be available or linked to from this page so keep checking in to see what's happening.

Let's do this Virtual Kiltwalkers ... let the training begin! Good luck!

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Introducing our experts

Every week look out for great content from some of our experts

Jules from SoulQuest

Bringing you a mixture of Yoga, Relaxation & Mind techniques that will cleanse your soul!

Visit their website

Greig from Body and Sole Fitness

Fitness through health. Fitness inspiration that will motivate you to get that training underway!

Visit their website

Gillian from Highland Hustle

Like dance workouts? Then you need to try Highland Hustle! A perfect blend of highland dance and fitness.

Visit their webiste

Julie from Cultivating Mindfulness

Mindfulness hints and tips and much more.

Visit their website

New to the party?

You can catch up on all content here

Every week we'll share all Kiltwalk Healthy Body, Mind & Soul here or take a look at our Facebook and Twitter pages.

WEEK 1 Energise

WEEK 2 Re-centre

Gillian's from Highland Hustle:

Jules from SoulQuest:

Greig from Body and Sole Fitness:

Check this out! Join our resident Yogi Jules for a quick 10 minutes of Yoga practice. A great way to Recentre and bring yourself back to the present.

You can find the playlist she mentions here: SoulQuest Playlist

And check out for more Yoga from Jules!

Please take your time and listen to your body, KW or Jules cannot be held responsible for any injury.

Cultivating Mindfulness

Take a Mindful Power Pause to re-centre yourself and move out of autopilot and back to the present moment with this short guided check in.
Mindful Breathing Space - Track 4 - https://www.cultivatingmindful...

WEEK 3 Gratitude

Learn the Pas De Basque with Gillain from Highland Hustle:

Jules from SoulQuest:

WEEK 4 Big Stretch and Reset

Cultivating Mindfulness

Highland Hustle (Featuring Michelle and Co-Star Gracie)

Jules from SoulQuest

WEEK 5 Kindness

Highland Hustle have a Kindness Week Giveaway just for you, Kiltwalkers!

There are 20 DVDs and 20 Online Workouts up for grabs. Here's what you need to do...

Email, specify if you would like to win a DVD or Online workout. If you request a DVD you must provide a valid UK address. If you would prefer an online workout, you must confirm your email address.

Please note this giveaway is on a first come, first served basis, so speed is of the essence Kiltwalkers!

Thanks again to Gillian at Highland Hustle for this Kiltwalk Kindness.

Greig from Body and Sole Fitness

WEEK 6 Big Chill

Jules from SoulQuest

Accompanying Playlist:

WEEK 7 Self Care

Cultivating Mindfulness

WEEK 8 Strength

Highland Hustle

Julie from SoulQuest

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Other support resources

Take a look at some of our fitness, yoga and mindfulness suggestions

We have gathered some of the best free fitness and relaxation resources the web has to offer, take a look ...