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Edinburgh Virtual Kiltwalk Participants

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Participant Town Challenge
Rosie Strain & Callum Cochrane Edinburgh We are planning to walk 24 miles clad in tartan and wearing our Kiltwalk t-shirts!
Gillian Alexander Livingston Going to complete a big stroll 15 miles!
Lorraine & Sean Edinburgh We will walk 5 miles every day over the weekend so will complete 15 miles
Karen McConnell Glasgow 23 mile walk - my very own Kiltwalk
Kirsty Peebles Edinburgh 24 mile walk
Susan Webb Ayr I will be walking and running over the weekend, covering the Mighty Stride Kiltwalk - hopefully a few times! Taking my family and friends with me for support and snacks (there might even be cake!)
Elaine Booth Aberdeen Our own 15 mile kilt walk
gordon farquharson dundee Walking 26 miles around Dundee Green Circular Walking/cycling route
Heather Dobbin Renfrew We are walking 22 miles from my sisters house to our Mum and Dads! :-)
Ashleigh Tait Aberdeen 10 mile walk
Alistair MacDonald Glasgow Going to be walking on 11th and 12 of September on the 13th i am at my work I work for tesco silverburn I do the Trolleys and on my feet and walking all day. Looking forward to the virtual kiltwalk.
Karen Malcolm, Alasdair Malcolm, Shona Malcolm Prestwick We are walking the 13 miles between the two senior football grounds in Ayrshire on Sunday 13th September, starting at Rugby park, Kilmarnock, and finishing at Somerset park, Ayr.
Moira Ireland Kirriemuir Been challenged to do 15 miles but would like to complete 20 miles walking around the countryside of Kirrie
Rab Wiggins Irvine My border collie Enzo & I will be walking 24miles along the coast from Irvine to Heads of Ayr
Moira Ireland Kirriemuir Been challenged to walk 15 miles but would like to try for 20 miles, walking around the Kirrie countryside
Carole Jackson Edinburgh Walk 24 miles over the weekend
lorraine kerr Glasgow as far as i can walk minimum of 6 miles
Ian Blunn Glasgow walking 23 miles around East kilbride
Maxine marshall Cumnock 26 mile cycle
Megan & Drew Gill & Erin Hawthorne Glasgow Cycling from Edinburgh to Dumbarton (67 miles)
Inverness Outlanders Inverness Our challenge is following the route of our Outlander Map of Inverness starting at Inverness Castle and finishing at a Standing Stone on top of a hill on the west side of Inverness.
Amy and Jane Hall Blackwood, Lanarkshire First ever 5K run!
ELizabeth Lambert and Ruth & John Hanks Helensburgh Elizabeth is walking 10 miles in a loop around Helensburgh. Ruth is walking around the Isle of Cumbrae.
Linda Rooney Houston Walk 26 miles
Anne McGregor Berwick-Upon-Tweed Walking 24 miles over the weekend.
Emma Duke Edinburgh mighty stride. I walked 26.5 miles
hannah maxwell Castle Douglas Hills walks totalling 23 miles
Catriona Stirling 3 walks over 3 days totalling 25.5 miles - FINISHED! (Only Friday walk map shown!). Also walked round Great Cumbrae and the Barr Hill/Croy Hill walk.
Team Gough Kilbarchan Five family members aged 4-44 walking five miles.
The Vaulters Team Edinburgh Hike to the top of the Braids and moves on horseback
Active Ageing Team Erskine Fri, Sat short beach walks. Sun 8 miles from Southerness to Steamboat Inn, Carsethorn. Monday - Threave Gardens. Overall 15 miles.
Scarlett Maher Aberdeen 3 hours trampoline jump. 1 hour for each day Eleira was away
Lynsey McMillan and Emily Armstrong Glasgow 15 miles walked around Glasgow
John edwards Glasgow 25miles walked outdoors to finish the cancelled kiltwalk
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