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What is it all about?

Who is Kiltwalk?

Kiltwalk is a unique charity that enables walkers to raise money for any Scottish charity of their choice. By staging events that bring together thousands of walkers who fundraise for their chosen charity or cause, we support those in need of a helping hand.

What is a Kiltwalk?

A Kiltwalk is a powerful fundraising model, developed and under-written by Sir Tom Hunter and The Hunter Foundation. Their support will enable 150% of the sponsorship money raised by Kiltwalkers to go directly to their charity or local cause. Every walker can select the charity or local cause that they wish to donate to.

150% of all fundraising? How does that work?

Thanks to Sir Tom Hunter and The Hunter Foundation each Kiltwalker’s fundraising receives an extra 50% donation*. So if you raise £100 for your chosen charity, they will receive £150.

*Please note the extra 50% is subject to deadline and up to a limit of £5,000, please see our fundraising section for more.

How can I get in contact with Kiltwalk?

There are many ways to get in contact with Kiltwalk. You can phone us on 0141 212 9288, drop us an email at contactus@thekiltwalk.co.uk, or message us on one of our social media platforms www.facebook.com/thekiltwalk or @thekiltwalk on Twitter.

What's the Kiltwalk's address?

2nd Floor – Mercantile Chambers
53 Bothwell Street
G2 6TS


How do I register for a Kiltwalk?

Go to the Events page, select your location and register. If you are experiencing difficulty with our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How much is it to register?

The cost of registration varies on what walk or walks you choose to participate in:

  • Child: Wee Wander (6/8 miles) Entry cost is £5 plus £1 VAT and 50 pence processing fee = £6.50 – FREE for under 5s
  • Adult: Wee Wander (6/8 miles) Entry cost is £10 plus £2 VAT and an 80 pence processing fee = £12.80
  • Adult: Big Stroll (13 miles) Entry cost is £25 plus £5 VAT and a £1.69 processing fee = £31.69
  • Adult: Mighty Stride (26 miles) Entry cost is £25 plus £5 VAT and a £1.69 processing fee = £31.69

Do I get a discount if I register for all four events?

Due to our commitment to giving 150% of sponsorship money to charities and causes we are unable to provide any discounts for registering for multiple events.

What is the age limit for each of the walks?

Mighty Stride – Restricted to participants aged 13 and above
Big Stroll – Restricted to participants aged 10 and above
Wee Wander – Restricted to participants aged 5 and above - Under 5s go FREE

Any person under the age of 16 wishing to participate in the event must be accompanied by an adult and obtain the written consent of their parent or legal guardian in the form provided by the Kiltwalk for participation in the event and provide the Kiltwalk with a copy of such consent along with their registration form.

Can I supervise a group of young people?

When accompanying a group of children aged between 5-7 years old there must be one adult for every eight children and for children aged 8 to 16 years old there must be one adult for every 10 children for the duration of the event.

Can wheelchair users enter the Kiltwalk?

Some parts of the walks will pose difficulties for wheelchair users. We would not discourage you from participating but you have to enter the walk with the knowledge that some parts may be challenging. Best thing to do is to contact the office with regards to the specific walk and obtain further advice.

I am a slow walker, can I take part?

Of course! Kiltwalks are not races. We welcome all walkers of all capabilities.

I do not have an email address - how will I know my entry has been accepted?

An email address is a compulsory field on our registration form. Kiltwalk does this because we send out emails with important information to all our walkers before the events. If you are unsure whether your registration has been successful, contact us via email or phone and we will check our systems manually.

Do I get a refund if I have to withdraw from the event?

If you are not able to take part in your registered Kiltwalk, please e-mail us at contactus@thekiltwalk.co.uk and a member of our team will withdraw your registration. If you are withdrawing due to a medical condition, your registration fee will be refunded.

I can't do the Kiltwalk any more, can my friend take my place?

No. If you are unable to do the Kiltwalk for medical or other serious reasons then we will offer a full refund of your registration fee which we would be delighted if you put aside for a future Kiltwalk.

Is it possible to defer my entry over to the following year if, for example, I am injured or unable to run for other reasons?

No. If you are unable to do the Kiltwalk for medical or other serious reasons then we will offer a full refund of your registration fee which we would be delighted if you put aside for a future Kiltwalk.

Can I register on the day?

Our priority on the day will be to process the participants who have already registered for the Kiltwalk. We would advise registering no later than two weeks before the event you want to participate in.

Can I change which distance I have registered to walk?

Yes, if you want to change the distance of walk you registered for you can contact us (contactus@thekiltwalk.co.uk) and we will process this manually for you on our system and either refund or charge you the difference.

Can I change the charity I am raising sponsorship money for?

Yes, we can alter your details in our system to change the charity or cause that you are raising money for up until the day of the event.

Is there a walker pack and, if so, what is in it?

Yes. You will receive a pack filled with all the information you need before you set off on your Kiltwalk event, this includes: an ID card, a walker guide, a route map and your meal voucher.

When I will receive my walker pack?

You will receive your walker pack no less than one week before the event.

Please note that in order to save on postage, our Kiltwalkers from overseas can collect their walker packs on the day of the event.

I have moved address since registering for the Kiltwalk, will I still receive my walker pack?

If you change address after registering we would advise that you email us with your new address so that we can update our records. Don’t worry though, all the information you need will be sent to you via email before the event. If you require any more information do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone; 0141 212 9288.


Is there any financial benefit for the charity I am walking for if I join a team?

No. There is no financial benefit of walking as part of a team. Whether you are on your own or walking as part of a 100 strong team, 150% of the sponsorship money* you raise will go to the charity or cause you have chosen to walk for.

*Top up from The Hunter Foundation is subject to fundraising deadlines.

Is there a minimum number of people allowed in a team?

There is no minimum number of people allowed in a team.

If I register my team for a Kiltwalk, is my team automatically added to the list of other Kiltwalks?

No. If you would like to register your team for other Kiltwalk events, you must do this for each individual event, eg. Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh.

How do I register a team?

New teams can be added during the registration process. During registration you can choose to join or create a team. If you want to create a new team a pop up window will appear – this is where you can name your team and send out invites to people you want to join.

How can my friends or colleagues join my team?

Walkers who want to join a team can simply select an existing one from a drop down menu during the registration process.

The person who created the team can also send an email invitation to people who they want to join.

I registered my team before the system changed. How do I log in to Team Management?

Team captains should have received an email notifying them of the changes. The previous team management function is no longer available.

You can get a list of your team members by emailing contactus@thekiltwalk.co.uk. Please include the team name and event location.

Or contact contactus@thekiltwalk.co.uk for a direct link.

I am team captain, how can I see who is in my team?

You can search your team name here: https://www.everydayhero.com/uk/

This will show team members who have activated their Everyday Hero page. Their individual pages will be linked to an overall team page.

How can we edit our team page?

Under the team photo you will see the ‘edit this team page’ button:

  • Set a goal for your charity team page and don’t be afraid to aim high!
  • Add some information about your charity to the Team Story section. Let people know why you are aiming to raise a certain amount and tell them about the great work your charity will be able to continue with that amount.
  • Add a profile picture – this can be anything you like. If you are looking at getting a logo or image designed specifically to use on your team page, the dimensions for the image are 230x230px
  • Share you link far and wide – add it to your newsletters, social media sites and your website. Contact past supporters and donors and encourage them to join or donate.


When will I receive my sponsor forms?

Following our commitment to become more eco-friendly and to reduce running costs, we are no longer sending out paper sponsorship forms to participants. Instead, most of our fundraising will be monitored online. However, we do have a Downloadable Sponsorship Paper Form that you can print if you wish. This can be found under each specific event page.

Click here for event pages.

Why does my fundraising page show Kiltwalk as my chosen charity?

Don’t worry, your page is set up correctly – because fundraising is done through the Kiltwalk it will be listed as your chosen charity.

Once you conclude your fundraising the Kiltwalk will transfer 100% of your donation to your nominated charity. The Gift Aid is retained by the Kiltwalk to cover any administration fees associated with running the event and online facilities.

Also Sir Tom Hunter of Hunter Foundation made a pledge to donate additional 50% of what you raised to the charity you were fundraising for. This means that your chosen charity will get 150% of what you raise through Kiltwalk!

We would encourage that you personalise the story and images on you page to tell your supporters about the specific charity you are fundraising for.

How much do I have to raise to take part in the Kiltwalk? Is there a minimum amount required?

The Kiltwalk always tries to keep things simple to allow our walkers to raise funds for the charities and causes they care about. There is no minimum amount to raise and whether you are walking on your own or in a team, 150% of your sponsorship money will go to the charity you are raising money for.

If I pay my registration fee, why do I still have to fundraise?

Your registration fee is put towards the running costs of the Kiltwalk events, such as: the marquees, stages, first aid, security, toilets, refreshments, signage and many other costs. All the sponsorship money you raise goes pound for pound (plus an added 50%) to charities and causes right here in Scotland. The more money you raise in sponsorship, the more money your selected charities and causes will receive.

How can I pay my sponsorship?

When you register you will be sent out a confirmation email which will include a link to your online fundraising page, this is really useful because it allows you to monitor your fundraising as you go. People will be able to donate their sponsorship money to you online.

You can also send us paper sponsorship forms and pay your sponsorship money by cheque, made payable to ‘The Kiltwalk’ or by bank transfer, with a payment reference that includes your name, event & walker ID.

Acc Name: The Kiltwalk

Sort Code: 830706
Acc Number: 16821481

Sponsorship forms can be downloaded at the bottom of each individual events page.

When do I have to pay my sponsorship by?

The fundraising deadlines for our 2022 events are:

Glasgow - May 4 Midnight
Aberdeen - June 8 Midnight
Dundee - August 31 Midnight
Edinburgh - September 28 Midnight
Scotland’s Virtual Kiltwalk- October 17 Midnight

Can I fundraise for my own chosen charity?

Absolutely, if there is a charity or local cause that you care about, that you would like to raise money for and it is not on our list, then select ‘other’ on the registration form and give us the details of the cause or charity.

What if I can't decide which charity to fundraise for?

If you can’t decide which charity to support, select ‘The Kiltwalk’ during registration and 150% of the funds you raise through the Kiltwalk will be distributed by our Official Grant Making Partners – The STV Children’s Appeal to the children in Scotland who need it most.

Can I fundraise for more than one charity?

Unfortunately we are only able to allocate funds from each walker directly to one charity or cause – so walkers must choose to fundraise for only one charity.

Team members walking for separate charities must not share fundraising pages. This ensures that each individual walker’s charity receives over 150% of all funds raised.

What about Gift Aid?

The Kiltwalk retains the Gift Aid raised by our walkers in order to pay for our events. Between retaining Gift Aid and being underwritten by The Hunter Foundation, this allows us to give charities every penny raised via the Kiltwalk – as well as an added bonus 50%.


Are baby strollers, prams and pushchairs allowed in any of the races?

Yes but you need to be aware that there will be some parts of the walks that will pose difficulties for walkers with baby strollers, prams, and pushchairs. We would not discourage you from participating but you have to enter the walk with the knowledge that some parts will be challenging.

How do I get to the Kiltwalk events?

All information regarding the events (how to get to there, what the start and end points are, a map of the route, details of the pit stops, etc.) are all available on the event page of the specific walk you are going to attend.


Details on Kiltwalk buses to and from each event will be available closer to the date of your selected event.

Are my family and friends allowed to attend to watch and cheers me on?

Of course! Each event will have designated spectator cheer points. Information on these can be found in the event specific walker guide which can be downloaded. However, spectators are encouraged to come along to the Kiltwalk Village at each event to help cheer walkers as they cross the finish line and join in the celebrations. Due to safety and security reasons, specators are not premitted to enter our start venues. Only walkers with the valid registration IDs will be allowed in those areas.

Please check your chosen transport and parking information in the walker guide which can be downloaded from your designated event’s page.

Sponsorship forms can be downloaded at the bottom of each individual events page.

Will there be a bag drop service available at the start of the walk?

Yes. The Kiltwalk will run a service for all walkers that will transport cloakroom items from your start venue to the Information Point at the Kiltwalk Village (end site) where you can collect it once you have completed the event. You will be issued with a luggage tag. Please make sure to keep it safe!

Will there be parking available at the start/end venues?

Each event will have different provisions for walker and spectator parking. We will endeavour to provide parking for each event but sometimes locations may make that difficult. Before you decide to bring your car please read the section in the walker guide (specific to the event you are doing) on parking availability.

Can I track a walker during the Kiltwalk?

Unfortunately, the Kiltwalk does not have GPS tracking systems for walkers or spectators to provide real time monitoring during the walks.

Event questions

What are the start and finish points for the walks?

Each walk is different, so we would advise that you visit the specific event page for your chosen Kiltwalk where you can find detailed information about the start and end points for each event. You will also receive a walker pack which will include a more detailed route map before the event.

What time does my Kiltwalk start?

It depends on what walk you have signed up for.

Although final details may change, Mighty Strides generally start at 9:00am, Big Strolls at 11:00am and Wee Wanders at 12:00pm.

Please don’t arrive more than an hour early for your Kiltwalk.

Will I receive a map of the route?

Yes. When our routes are finalised, there will be maps available to view on each event page. You will also receive a walker pack which includes a more detailed route map before the event. The route is also clearly sign posted so that you don’t get lost.

I am walking the 26 mile Kiltwalk, will I be able to meet and walk with friends who are participating in the 13 or 6 mile walks?

In order to manage the route effectively and keep it safe at all times, each of the separate walks (the Wee Wander, Big Stoll, Mighty Stride) will have different starting points along the route. Although each walk starts at a different point, all walkers will finish at the same place (the Kiltwalk Village) where they will be able to get their participants medal, a free dinner and enjoy the entertainment. Because of the way that we stagger the separate walks it is unlikely that you will be walking at the same part of the route at the same time as your friends who are participating in a different walk. If you would like to meet your friends and family at the Kiltwalk Village you can visit the ‘Walker Journey’ page of our website to find a guide that you can use to calculate your estimated finishing time.

What food will be provided on the day?

There will be lots of snacks provided at different points throughout the walks and those taking part in the Mighty Stride will find a hot bite to eat waiting for them at a Pit Stop on the route. At the end of the walk every walker can redeem their meal voucher for a hot meal.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

There will be a number of food and drink stations situated on the route and your registration fee covers a hot meal but we are also happy for you to bring your own food and drink with you as well. No alcohol is allowed to be brought into the event sites or consumed during the walks. Please look at the Pit Stops section for further details.

Are dogs allowed on the walk?

We welcome dogs to join their owners on their Kiltwalk. Dogs do not need to be registered to take part.

However all dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and those with dogs must take care to be considerate of other walkers and clean up any mess.

Can I be supported by bike along the route?

No. We have lots of health and care support services available along the route but the Kiltwalk is limited to walking participants.

Have the walks been measured accurately?

Yes. Although there may be slight variations in total length because of restrictions along the route but each Kiltwalk has been measured to ensure that the distance you walk gets as close to the advertised distance as possible.

Is the Kiltwalk timed?

As the Kiltwalk is not a race, your individual time taken to complete the walk will not be recorded.

Is there recognition for being first across the finish line?

We are always keen to stress that the Kiltwalk is not a race so there is no special prize or recognition for the walker who finishes first. Completing a Kiltwalk is a great achievement for anyone. So, whether you are first or last to finish, the Kiltwalk always strives to give every participant the same level of encouragement and enthusiasm when they cross the line at the end of the walk.

What will I receive when I cross the finish line at the end of the walk?

When you cross the finish line and enter the Kiltwalk Village you will be given your participants medal, a hug and an invitation to relax and enjoy a meal in the company of your fellow walkers whilst you soak in the great atmosphere and enjoy the entertainment.

Is there any entertainment during the walk?

Yes. During the Kiltwalk you will call in at a number of Pit Stops which are run by a variety of Scottish charities. Each pit stop will have organised its own entertainment to keep your energy up at every stage of the event. As you cross the finish line you will enter the Kiltwalk Village where you will be able to have a meal and enjoy some live music and entertainment.

After the walk

How do I view the photos taken at the walk by your photographer?

A selection of our photographer’s images will be made available to view and download after the event across our social media channels. By registering for the Event, you are deemed to have given your consent for the publication of such photographs.