Transport, Luggage & Parking

We can transport your luggage to the Kiltwalk Village for you to collect after your challenge is complete.


When planning the events the Kiltwalk team always takes into consideration how easy it is to get to our start venues in the morning and to major transport hubs at the end of your Kiltwalk journey.

Each Kiltwalk has different requirements and these are always considered when putting on the transport provision. For details on the extra buses we will be putting on or details on the public transport provision please visit your chosen event’s Kiltwalk page.

The buses are charged at £5 per person. Once you book your bus timeslot please make sure to get that bus as we will not be able to transfer the ticket to any other timeslot. Please make sure to book your buses in advance of the walk as on the day bookings will not be available.

For details on how long it may take you to complete the Kiltwalk please go to our timings page.


If you have luggage with you that you do not wish to carry around the course worry not!

We will transport your luggage from your start venue to the Information Point at the Kiltwalk Village (end site) where you can collect it once you have completed the event. You will be issued with a luggage tag. Please make sure to keep it safe!


Each event will have different provisions for walker and spectator parking.

We will endeavour to provide parking for each event but sometimes locations may make that difficult. Before you decide to bring your car please read the section in the walker guide (specific to the event you are doing) on parking availability.