Glasgow Fundraising Deadline Midnight TONIGHT

Thank you to all the Glasgow Kiltwalkers who are making the difference for their chosen charities.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your incredible fundraising efforts these past few weeks and under such difficult circumstances. Our charities need us more than ever and YOUR fundraising will make all the difference.

Just a few hours of fundraising remains for Glasgow, so please join us in collecting as much as we can. Every penny makes a difference and with Sir Tom Hunter’s generous 50% top-up, YOUR fundraising will support many vulnerable groups during these unprecedented times.

Our charities continue to do great things within our Scottish communities, have a read through our latest charity updates.

Alzheimer Scotland

“Alzheimer Scotland is committed to ensuring that people living with dementia, their families and carers, continue to be supported throughout the coronavirus pandemic. As well as increasing our 24-Hour Freephone Dementia Helpline team, we are working quickly to adapt new and diverse ways of working to support people living with dementia in our local communities. In these extremely difficult times, news that the Kiltwalk will provide a 50% top up on individual Kiltwalkers fundraising will help us continue to make sure nobody faces dementia alone in Scotland.”

What difference would £100 make to Alzheimer Scotland?

"A donation of £100 can help 10 volunteers provide an hour each of support via Alzheimer Scotland’s 24-hour Freephone Dementia Helpline (0808 808 3000). The Helpline provides information and emotional support to people living with dementia and their families. Available 24-hours a day every day, 365 days a year, and is there for anyone who needs to talk about dementia during these worrying times."

- Sa Craig, Head of Corporate Partnerships and Events from Alzheimer Scotland, Alzheimer Scotland

The Eilidh MacLeod Memorial Trust

"The Eilidh MacLeod mission is to invest in our young people by enabling them to grow and develop their musical talents by supporting tuition opportunities.

"During this time, Eilidh’s Trust in continuing to invest in our young people. The trust wants to play its part in facilitating the continuation of education opportunities for young musicians. Music education should continue just as much as other forms of learning, given the wider benefits music tuition can offer in areas such as listening and reading, social skills and leadership. Technology is a great enabler for this and many groups are adapting their teaching practices to capitalise on online technology so that lessons can continue. The trust is keen to support this.

"Fundraising through events like Kiltwalk is critical to our annual success as a funder and allows us to provide opportunities for many young people by ensuring music tuition is open to all. The additional 50% top-up is so important as it will allow us to support a greater number of young people continue in Eilidh’s musical footsteps. "

What difference would £100 make to The Eilidh MacLeod Memorial Trust?

"We want to ensure music lessons are not just for those who can afford it during this period. This will also allow us to support the amazing music tutors who rely so heavily on youth music tuition as an income. Therefore, £100 will be a significant part of our investment in our young people and will go some way to ensuring these opportunities are still open to them."

- Suzanne White, Founder of The Eilidh MacLeod Memorial Trust

Pancreatic Cancer UK

“Pancreatic cancer doesn’t stop during a global pandemic. In fact, with treatment and care affected by the coronavirus crisis, our specialist nurses are needed now more than ever, to give people practical information and emotional support via our confidential Support Line.

What difference would £100 make to Pancreatic Cancer UK?

£100 will fund 5 hours’ cover for our Support Line - providing invaluable specialist information about all aspects of pancreatic cancer including treatment options, symptom management and side effects. Kiltwalk supporters’ fundraising and the generous 50% top up will help us continue to deliver support for those affected by pancreatic cancer in these difficult circumstances.”


Thank you for your Kiltwalk Kindness.

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