All Fundraising From Glasgow Kiltwalkers Must Be Submitted By March 31

All Kiltwalk fundraising gets boosted by 50% and charities need it more than ever.

Scotland’s charities are the Kiltwalk’s No.1 priority, especially during this very difficult and unprecedented time. Please keep showing your Kiltwalk Kindness and continue to register and fundraise for your chosen charity and Sir Tom Hunter will top up anything you raise by 50%. We will pay this out early (Glasgow from the 31st March and Aberdeen from 7th May) because quite simply, our charities need our support NOW.

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Over the past week, we have highlighted some of the fantastic work that our network of charities are doing during RIGHT NOW. Hear from a few more of our charities who are working round the clock to support our local communities.

City Wise

"Although we have had to bring our face-to-face mentoring programmes to an end for now, we're preparing packs to send out to children with personalised support to make sure that they don't miss out on the rest of the programme. We're also getting creative with other ways to support the 320 children we have worked with over the last 12 months. We plan to send home fun support packs for children and their families including things such as games and ways to apply the Citywise Character Strengths as they play. We will also be making sure lots of resources are online for families to access in a time when character is tested more than ever!"

"Being able to access an extra 50% from the Hunter Foundation is an incredible help for Citywise, especially at such a critical time for young people and their families. It will help us reach even more young people, supporting them as they continue to unlock their potential at such a pivotal time in their lives."

What difference would £100 make to City Wise?

"Our packs will cost around £25 each so £100 would go so far in helping us get four of these packs prepared and sent out to young people and their families who face a whole host of new challenges presented by the coronavirus. We know that children have incredible potential for resilience, confidence and kindness and £100 would help with the printing, preparation, purchasing resources, and posting of these important packs."

- Nestor Zumaya Cardenas, Glasgow Fundraiser, City Wise

City Wise Website

Scottish Autism

"Scottish Autism recognises that the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting everyone’s lives, including autistic people and their families. We have released vital free resources for autistic people and those who support them during the pandemic:

"Our Autism Support Team is working hard to make sure that autistic people and their families are supported throughout the covid-19 pandemic. The team is made up of a small number of advisors and although are experiencing a very high volume of enquiries, they are working their hardest to respond quickly. The 50% top-up would offer much-needed funding to assist in keeping this vital service open to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic."

What difference would £150 make to Scottish Autism?

"£150 would pay for an Autism Advisor to support autistic people and their families for one day."

- Stacey Galfskiy, Events Fundraiser, Scottish Autism

Scottish Autism Website

Epilepsy Scotland

"Our popular adult and youth wellbeing group services are continuing to operate remotely and support people with epilepsy during the Coronavirus pandemic.

"Our wellbeing services help people to understand the link between stress and seizures. During these unprecedented times of uncertainty and global pandemic Epilepsy Scotland need to ensure we can continue to support people to self-manage their condition and limit seizure activity to reduce pressure on an already overloaded NHS.

"Peer support is also important and our Youth Development Worker is looking at remote ways to connect group members in online activities so they continue friendships built in the group and support each other to self-manage their epilepsy.

"The Kiltwalk is our most popular fundraising challenge event. We are so grateful for the 50% top-up at this time when so many of our planned fundraising activities for the spring and summer have been postponed or cancelled. This kind donation will help us immensely during this period of uncertainty."

What difference would £100 make to Epilepsy Scotland?

"£100 would buy a staff mobile phone for an Epilepsy Scotland Wellbeing Officer so that they can continue to stay connected to group members at this overwhelming time who are already struggling with a diagnosis of epilepsy."

- Margaret Tooth, Community and Event Fundraiser, Epilepsy Scotland

Epilepsy Scotland Website

Move On

"For Move On, our immediate challenge is the increasing demand on our FareShare Glasgow and the West of Scotland service, which provides good quality, surplus food to vulnerable people. With panic buying reducing surplus food, and community centres closed, we face an urgent challenge to ensure we can continue to reach vulnerable people with an essential supply of food.

"The food which Move On's FareShare service provides already supports many of the most vulnerable members of our community. Demand for food has already increased, particularly from those now self-isolating who would usually depend on community meals. We anticipate this demand will continue to grow significantly over the coming weeks."

What difference would £100 make to Move On?

"Your Kiltwalk donations will be used to purchase stock to maintain a supply of essential food to vulnerable people in Glasgow and the West of Scotland, as well as allow us to grow our delivery infrastructure to enable home deliveries."

- Charlene Best, Marketing and Communications Manager, Move On

Move On Website


"Maggie’s is here to support everyone living with cancer, as well as family and friends, by phone, email and through our online Maggie’s community.

"Our Kiltwalkers are needed now more than ever and it’s vital that we keep fundraising going during this time. The 50% top up from the Hunter Foundation is invaluable in ensuring that we can support people with cancer in the best way we possibly can through this challenging time."

What difference would £100 make Maggies?

"£100 provides cancer support sessions for up to 4 people to help people understand their diagnosis, treatment and life with cancer or up to 5 hours of benefits advice to support people to claim the grants and benefits they are entitled to."

- Steve McManus, Product and Events Manager, Maggie's

Maggie's Website

The Underheugh Ark Rescue

"At the moment we are staying open as a rescue and continuing to help animals who are at risk of being put to sleep due to their families being unable to look after them. As the country is in lockdown, transport has become very limited to get these animals to safety.

"The money we will receive from the Kiltwalk will allow us to continue to run throughout this difficult time. We are unable to hold fundraising events of our own and we are relying on the support our Kilt Walkers. People have been very generous especially at this difficult time. To then have our totals receive a further 50% top-up, it’s wonderful and this will save many more animals. Our rescue works hard to keep animals safe and the Kiltwalk has been the lifeline we needed to see us through this."

What difference would £100 make to The Underheugh Ark Rescue?

"Our vets are all closed and are only seeing emergency cases so our vet bills are almost zero. £100 would go to paying for emergency kennelling so we could continue to bring in the dogs at most risk. Sadly, many are being abandoned due to the virus."

- The Underheugh Ark Rescue Team

The Underheugh Ark Rescue

Keep making a difference for Scotland's charities and please, if you can, please keep fundraising and registering for the Kiltwalk.

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Thank you for your Kiltwalk Kindness.

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