An Open Letter To All Kiltwalkers...

Scotland and the world is in the grip of an unprecedented period of disruption as we react to this virus – to be clear there are no winners here only degrees of loss.

To that point we know many charities, food banks in particular, are already hurting and staring at the prospect of significantly curtailed fundraising opportunities. And that those most in need are likely to be impacted most and first – it’s truly tragic.

So our Number One objective is to raise funds now and get them to those who need it most as quickly as possible.

So firstly, if you can, please keep registering and fundraising for all of our walks.

Secondly, please keep registering and fundraising for the Glasgow Kiltwalk and we will add the 50% Hunter Foundation bonus to your fundraising totals as of 31st of March and pay the funds out as quickly as we can to your charities.

Thirdly we will need to postpone our June 7th Aberdeen walk so with the same principle in mind we will add 50% to our Aberdeen walkers’ fundraising as of May 7th – if you can please keep registering and fundraising for Aberdeen and let’s show Scotland our Kiltwalk kindness.

In the meantime, your funds will have been deployed to those who need it most at this exceptional time of need.

It’s what we call a little bit of Kiltwalk kindness. Stay safe.

All the best, The Kiltwalk


Thank you for your Kiltwalk Kindness.

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