Kiltwalk raises £5 million for Scotland’s charities

More than 900 charities get a much-needed cash boost after toughest year yet

Scotland’s Kiltwalkers and The Hunter Foundation have raised a massive £5 million for over 900 Scottish charities in 2020.

The Covid-19 pandemic saw all four of Kiltwalk’s planned events, in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh cancelled, but Kiltwalkers all over the country took part in virtual events to support their chosen charities.

The fundraising deadline for last week’s Edinburgh Big Virtual Weekend closed at midnight last night [Monday], which alone raised £1.3 million. Sir Tom Hunter and The Hunter Foundation today announced this figure would not be topped-up by 50%, but will be doubled to 100%. This brings the fundraising from that weekend to £2.6 million.

Earlier this summer, Kiltwalk’s emergency pay-outs in Glasgow and Aberdeen plus the Dundee Virtual Kiltwalk raised £1.2 million and The Hunter Foundation doubled that to £2.4 million.

In total in 2020, Kiltwalkers raised £2.5 million and The Hunter Foundation doubled that to £5 million.

Sir Tom Hunter praised the Kiltwalk Kindness of the 16,000 Scots who dug deep as they walked, cycled, ran and swam separately all over Scotland observing the social distancing measures.

Sir Tom said in a video: “At a time when there’s not much good news about, we want to bring you some great news this morning from the Kiltwalk. The Edinburgh Virtual Kiltwalk took place and you hopped, skipped, jumped and even swam to raise money for what you care about. This morning, you have raised an amazing £1.3 million and more than 535 different Scottish charities will benefit, so thank you.

“As the numbers were coming in last night, we said if you can do £1.3 million, then we’ll do £1.3 million, so it’s a 100% top-up from The Hunter Foundation this morning, because we just think you’re amazing.

“So in a year, a very strange year where we’ve not been able to walk together, for obvious reasons, but between Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee and now Edinburgh, you Kiltwalkers have raised an amazing £2.5 million for the charities you care about and The Hunter Foundation has topped it up with another £2.5million.

“So this year, £5 million is going to the charities you care about, the folks who really need it are getting a hand up, not a hand out. So thank you. We’ll be back next year, no doubt about it. You can’t keep a good Kiltwalker down!”

Donna Paterson-Harvie, Founder of Neil’s Hugs charity, based in Linlithgow, said: “A huge thanks to everyone that supported us! We’re a tiny charity in West Lothian and having over 100 people raising funds means the world.

“The £15,000 raised – now £30,000 - will allow us to continue to offer one-to-one and group support for people affected by suicide and support those struggling with poor mental health by helping to reduce isolation and offering virtual safe spaces. Given the current climate, demand for this support is higher than ever so we are so grateful to the walkers, those who donated and Sir Tom Hunter”.

Co-founder, Chair and Director of Fundraising at It’s Good 2 Give, Lynne McNicoll OBE said: “Our heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every Kiltwalker and those who donated.

“Every penny of the £30,000 raised, plus Sir Tom’s incredible kindness takes it to £60,000 and this will allow us to continue supporting young cancer patients and their families by providing practical support such as supermarket vouchers, family activity packs and even equipment such as Vein Finder machines that help reduce the trauma of treatment for young cancer patients.

“It’s so difficult for everyone just now so we are super grateful to our supporters for the vital funds now more than ever”.

Bridie Ashrowan, CEO of Space and Broomhill Hub said: “All funds raised will go to Space & The Broomhouse Hub. We support hundreds of vulnerable families, young people and older folk in South West Edinburgh, particularly with well-being which is badly needed amid the Covid crisis.

“Our café courtyard area has never been more important, so funds raised will also go towards completing that, with the help of local people in the community, to make it a lovely space. Our profound thanks to all, we raised £950 and to The Hunter Foundation for the 100% top up to £1,900. It makes those 24 miles and Lyn’s bungee jump for the Virtual Kiltwalk Weekend all the more meaningful!”


Thank you for your Kiltwalk Kindness.

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