Find Out More About Our Virtual Award Winners

Kiltwalkers on two legs and four were our Dundee Virtual Award winners...

Best Virtual Challenge Idea Winner - Peter Roberts

Peter Roberts came up with his own challenge for the Dundee Virtual Kiltwalk. Taking on 10 miles of walking with a 30lb rucksack on his back, followed by 50 press-ups and a beep test all in support of Saints in the Community. Peter knows the difference Saints in the Community can make, having been supported by them after having his stomach, spleen and half his diaphragm were removed. You can find out more about Peter and his challenge in the Dundee Courier.

Best Tartan Get Up Winner 1 - Stitch Stewart

We had joint winners in our Best Dressed category and here's why!

Stitch Stewart went for some serious walkies with Maggie Landells and was appropriately adorned in Royal Stewart tartan. Maggie said: "Stitch was walking with me for PINS (Podencos in Need Scotland), the dog rescue, because she has a wonderful life, and wants to help other dogs who are not so fortunate"

Best Tartan Get Up Winner 2 - Aidan Mackenzie

Walking in memory of his father, Michael, Aidan wore a kilt that has been handed down through his family. Aidan and his family took on the Dundee Virtual Kiltwalk in support of Beatson Cancer Charity. Aidan's mum said: "Aidan's kilt is a 3rd generation family kilt, my Dad and Auntie both wore it when they were kids. My auntie passed it to Aidan for the Kiltwalk and it needed repairs but she has MND and can't sew anymore so we got it fixed up for Aidan to wear! The kilt pin belonged to Michael, Aidans dad who we were walking in memory of."

Funniest Virtual Challenge Moment - Maggie Millar

A regular Kiltwalker, Maggie has had Diabetes all her life and Diabetes UK have been there for her, offering their invaluable support over the years. Having completed her Virtual Kiltwalk Challenge, Maggie posed for a quick and innocent 'start line' photo. The picture of her holding the sign obscuring the ‘S’ gave her walking friends a real good laugh! She had no idea until she looked back through her pictures. Start as you mean to go on...

Congratulations again to all of our winners!


Thank you for your Kiltwalk Kindness.

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