Top Tips On Taking Care of Your Feet

As it's National Feet Week, we've teamed up with St Andrew's First Aid for some advice on taking care of your feet during your Kiltwalk.

The reason some people have to pull out of a long-distance walk is because of blisters, which can happen as a result of poor planning and preparation. To help you get your feet during your Kiltwalk, St Andrew's First Aid recommend:

• Regularly changing your socks - take plenty of both thin and thick walking socks. If you are prone to getting blisters, try changing your socks every 20km or so to help keep your feet dry.

• Check the weather before choosing your footwear - if your Kiltwalk is on a hard surface like roads or pavements, trainers or boots with a softer sole will help cushion the feet and reduce the risk of blisters. However, if your Kiltwalk is across muddy wet fields and trails, a waterproof boot will be a better option.

• Consider choosing trainers or trail shoes if it is going to be hot, as your feet may sweat and swell in heavy hiking boots and increase the chance of developing blisters. If rain is forecast, then it will be best to wear waterproof boots or shoes as wet socks and damp feet usually causes blisters. While a well-fitting pair of shoes will help combat blisters, make sure they aren’t too tight and that your toes and feet aren’t cramped but not so slack that your feet move around in them. Ensure they fit well by trying them out with the type of socks you intend to wear on Kiltwalk day. Whichever you plan on wearing, train in them first to fully wear them in.

• Don’t wait until you get a blister before treating it! If you feel a warm spot or a part of your foot is rubbing, stop and put a blister plaster on. Make sure your feet are dry before you apply it as it will not stick if the area is moist.

• If you are prone to blisters, you should tape up your toes and known hot spots prior to walking with zinc oxide tape.

• Keep your toenails clipped and trim so that they aren’t hitting the bottom of your boots or shoes, this can lead to bruises or even the loss of toenails during or after the walk.

These top tips come to you from St Andrew's First Aid.


Thank you for your Kiltwalk Kindness.

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