Ideas for your Virtual Challenge

Take on ANY Kiltwalk Inspired Challenge raising funds for YOUR Scottish charity of choice

Kiltwalkers can choose their own Kiltwalk Inspired Challenge to complete! As long as you're raising funds for your chosen charity, that's good enough for us.

So here are a few ideas for Inspiration!

1. Walking - The classic Kiltwalk challenge! Walk any length you wish in your tartan get-up. From a full walking marathon to a Wee Wander, the choice is yours.

2. Cycle – Any distance you like, head out on two wheels to make a difference for your chosen charity. Get your whole family involved, make your bikes tartantasic and go for a family cycle in your local area. Get on your bikes and ride!

3. Run – Get that kilt swinging with a jog/marathon/sprint around your local area.

4. Scooter – Get on your wheels and complete a challenge on your scooter. Laps in your street, your garden, or around your local park.

5. Rollerskating – If you and the family have roller boots, why not take them for a spin in support of your chosen charity. Keep rollin', rollin', rollin'...

6. Trampoline – How about a tartan trampoline-a-thon!? Surely the most fun option on the list... We'd love to see someone come up with something more fun! Let us know if you do.

7. Dance – Raise funds by dancing to your finish line. How about an all-day Highland fling? A day time disco? Or get moving to some techno in tartan, the choice is yours!

8. Cartwheels -Wheelie get your fundraising going! For rookies, we recommend building up to what could be your first ever cartwheel, whether you're 14 or 40. For more experienced cartwheelers, why not try a cartwheel challenge around the garden?

9. Starjumps - Reach for the stars with your own starjump challenge. Get the family organised into a dynamic starjumping team to reach your overall total, or go it alone and do as many starjumps as you can for your choice of charity.

10. Kiltwalk Bootcamp – For the serious challenge seekers! Why not do some press ups, a marathon plank or even a DIY obstacle course to raise funds for your charity.

Credit: Vegan Liftz Website:

11. Kiltwalk Scavenger Hunt - One for the whole family. Keep everyone entertained and hide some items on your chosen walking route, use riddles, puzzles or a map to find some goodies.

If you're completing your challenge alone, make sure you tell a family member or friends where you're going and take a phone with you.

    Now go for it, Kiltwalkers and no matter what challenge you come up with, make sure you share plenty of pics and videos on social media!


    Thank you for your Kiltwalk Kindness.

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