Back Marker Kiltie

Follow the route and give our Kiltwalkers the support they need on event day.

Back Marker Kilties follow the route and stay with our last Walkers providing company, motivation and support to the walkers at the back of the walk. You will notify Kilties and Kiltwalk staff along route and at the Pitstops of the last walker’s arrival. This signals to them that it is time to shut down their area.

You will be in regular radio contact with our Event Control Room (ECR) giving regular updates of the last walker’s location and any issues that you encounter along the route. You will also be required to remove Kiltwalk signage along the route as you pass by.

As part of the application process, this role requires a phone interview. Back Marker Kilties will walk one half of the route, covering up to 15 miles.

How to apply

Becoming a Kiltie is very simple and straightforward. We want to make sure from start to finish the whole journey is as easy and accessible as possible.

Apply Now

Please follow our step by step guide below and you’ll be on your way of being a Kiltie!

Sign up:

  • Click “Apply Now”
  • Create your username and password for your volunteer profile
  • (Keep a note of this information, it is how you will be able to access our online volunteer portal to carry out training, view available shifts and sign up for your preferred role and shift)
  • You will receive an acknowledgement email to confirm your application had been submitted and we will be in touch with you shortly

 Your application is now being processed

  • The volunteer team will review your application and select the most suitable role for you based on the information you provided
  • You may receive a telephone call to go over your application in more detail. This will be a very informal chat regarding your role on the day
  • If successful, you will receive an email confirming you are now an official Kiltie!

Woohoo! You’re now an official Kiltie!

  • You will now be able to access available training and sign up for your shift on event day via the volunteer portal
  • It is compulsory that volunteer attend at least ONE face-to-face training session per year.  This is where you will receive your Kiltie uniform, training on your role and an operational run through of the Kiltwalk Events.
  • Finally, it’s event day! Full of excitement and knowledge…the fun is just about to begin!