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Thanks to everyone who has registered for Glasgow Kiltwalk 2024 on Sunday April 28.

All available spots have now been snapped up for this year's walk but if you didn't get signed up in time, don't worry, you still have another three opportunities to get that same Kiltwalk feeling but just in a different city! Why not #ChangeItUp in 2024 and try out one of our other events across Scotland? Join us in Aberdeen (June 2nd), Dundee (August 11th) or Edinburgh (September 15th) and raise funds for any charity of your choice! Entry £20!

You can also join our Glasgow Waiting List and if any Kiltwalkers withdraw from the event, we will get In touch on a first come, first served basis. By adding your name to the list, you will also be the first to know about Glasgow 2025 registration.

Join the Official Glasgow Kiltwalk Waiting List here

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Take on an epic adventure with us on Sunday April 28 and sign up for the legendary Glasgow Kiltwalk! Have the BEST DAY raising vital funds for a charity close to your heart.


The Glasgow Kiltwalk has three walk lengths - The Mighty Stride (23 miles), The Big Stroll (14 miles) and The Wee Wander (3 miles). See more information on the routes below but please note that all routes are subject to change**

Super low entry price!

Thanks to The Hunter Foundation subsidising registration fees, we’ve locked in our lowest-ever entry prices for another year.

Mighty Stride (23 miles) - £20
Big Stroll (14 miles) - £20
Wee Wander (3 miles) - Adults £12.50 and Children £6.50

2024 Fundraising

All funds you raise go quickly and DIRECTLY to your chosen charity plus all eligible gift aid (up to 25%* extra). This means that up to 125%* of all funds you raise go to the charity close to your heart - it really is the best way to fundraise. This is made possible thanks to The Hunter Foundation and Kiltwalk sponsors. Find out more

Thanks to the amazing Kiltwalk heroes in 2023, Kiltwalk raised over £5.1 million for 1,550 Scottish Charities. Thank you all for your incredible Kiltwalk Kindness. Find out more.

*Your selected Charity is responsible for any eligible gift aid on your fundraising. For more information on Gift Aid declaration please visit www.gov.uk/claim-gift-aid/gift...

**All event routes and mileages are subject to change

Glasgow Kiltwalk Waiting List

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Mighty Stride Start Times



Big Stroll Start Times


Wee Wander Start Times


Glasgow Walker Guide

Transport and Parking Guide

Mighty Stride Map

Big Stroll Map

Wee Wander Map


Find out more about this year's super low entry prices!


(Open to those aged 13 years+)

Prepare yourself for the ultimate Kiltwalk challenge! Starting from Glasgow’s iconic Glasgow Green and finishing in the idyllic surroundings of Balloch, Loch Lomond.


(Open to those aged 10 years+)

Get your team together and prepare for an unforgettable experience on your Big Stroll. Starting from Clydebank and finishing in beautiful Balloch, Loch Lomond.



(Children/Youths aged 5-15 years / Adults 16 years+)

Perfect for the whole family, the Wee Wander experience in Glasgow is a fun day out for everyone – even your dog can join the fun! Leaving from Loch Lomond Shores and finishing at Moss O'balloch Park.

Fundraising top tips

Looking for some support with your fundraising? Then look no further, the experts at JustGiving have plenty of top tips to help boost those all-important funds for your Charity. Check it out here.


Check out the Glasgow Pit Stop locations and what Charities you saw on the way!

Pit Stop 1

Riverside Museum - G3 8RS

Charity Partner - Beatson Cancer Charity

Pitstop Partner Story

Pit Stop 2

Yoker Sports Centre - G14 0LN

Charity Partner - SAMH

Pitstop Partner Story

Pit Stop 3

Three Queens Square - Clydebank G81 1RP

Charity Partner - Children's Hospices Across Scotland

Pitstop Partner Story

Pit Stop 4

Bowling - G60 5AF

Charity Partner - Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity

Pitstop Partner Story

Pit Stop 5

Meadow Leisure Centre - Meadow Road, Dumbarton, G82 2AA

Charity Partner - Calum's Cabin

Pitstop Partner Story

Pit Stop 6

Millburn Park Vale of Leven Alexandria - G83 0SR

Charity Partner - Action For Children

Pitstop Partner story


Thanks to our Glasgow event sponsors – they make everything possible!

Headline Sponsor

The Royal Bank of Scotland support helps to keep the Kiltwalk model sustainable and ensures that up to 125% of all fundraising goes back to charity.

Sponsor story

Headline Sponsor

Everything from car giveaways to van hire; Arnold Clark are central to the growth and success of Kiltwalk.

Sponsor story

Gold Sponsor

Scotland’s largest independent firm of Chartered Accountants and business advisors, they provide huge support to Kiltwalk.

Sponsor story

Powering the Kiltwalk

Founded by Sir Tom Hunter, The Hunter Foundation is the backbone of the Kiltwalk Fundraising Platform. They revived it in 2016 and gave it a new lease of life.

Check out our Terms and Conditions.


Check out some Kiltwalk Glasgow highlights below, or head to our Gallery section for all the images from our events.

Frequently asked questions


What is the closing date for registration?

Registration will close once the event has reached capacity or no later than the Friday before the event. All event deadlines are subject to change so we advise Kiltwalkers to register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Can I register more than one person at a time?

You can register multiple people by selecting ‘Add participant’ at the end of registration and make one payment for everyone at the end.

I didn’t receive my receipt or confirmation emails.

Let us know and we’ll check that the email address we have is correct and re-send the emails. Please email [email protected]

Can I change the distance I’m registered for?

If we have capacity within the event, and your chosen distance, we will switch your place to the desired distance. If there is no capacity in the event or your desired distance then, unfortunately, we cannot make the change for you.

If changing to or from The Wee Wander then there will be a difference in registration fee so we’ll either refund you or ask you to pay the difference.

Changes cannot be made after we have sent out your ID pass which is generally 4 weeks before the event.

Can I change my start time?

You can view all available timeslots for the Mighty Stride, Big Stroll and Wee Wander within our registration system.

If there is space to move you into a different time slot, yes we can make this amendment for you but if the time slot is full, unfortunately we cannot accommodate your request. We cannot change your time slot once your lanyard and ID pass have been sent out to you by post (generally this is 4 weeks before the event).

Please note some time slots sell out quicker than others so please inform us of any changes as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

How much is the event?

Mighty Stride (20+ miles) : £20 (13 years and over)

Big Stroll (10-15 miles): £20 (10 years and over)

Wee Wander (3-5 miles): £12.50 adults / £6.50 children aged 5-15 years

Withdrawing & Refunds

What happens if I have to withdraw due to injury or medical related reasons?

If you have to withdraw due to injury or medical-related reasons then please email [email protected]. If you have obtained a place from a charity then the place will revert to the charity.

What happens to my fundraising if I withdraw?

If you have already started fundraising online with JustGiving, check with your donors that they are still happy for their donation to be passed on to your chosen charity. If they are, your online funds will automatically be sent onto your chosen charity. If your donors no longer wish to donate, then they can request a refund from JustGiving.

For offline funds, you must speak directly with your chosen charity.

I can no longer make the Kiltwalk due to other commitments. What are my options?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to refund registration fees, however, you can give your place to someone else. Please email [email protected] to find out how to transfer your place. You must get in touch at the latest two weeks prior to your event date.


How do I register a team?

During registration you will be asked if you're taking part as a team. Select 'Yes I am Team Captain' or 'Yes I am a member of a team'.

If you are a Team captain, enter your team name (you decide your name!).

If you want to join an existing team, enter the name of that team and the Team Captain’s name.

Once you have set up your own JustGiving fundraising page, if you are part of a team, you then have the option of creating a team page or joining an existing team page on JustGiving.

For more information on how to do this please read JustGiving’s guide: A guide to Team Pages – JustGiving Help

How do I join a team if I’ve already registered?

This is something the Kiltwalk team can arrange for you, please email [email protected] with your team name and your Team Captain's name.

To join a team on the JustGiving platform, visit the team page and select 'join the team'.

Why aren’t all of my team members showing up on JustGiving?

This may happen if team members haven’t yet activated their JustGiving page or haven’t yet joined the team.

Your JustGiving activation link can be found in your confirmation email that was sent just after you registered for the Kiltwalk. Can’t find the email? Email [email protected]

Can we have one team fundraising page?

Yes, your team can share a JustGiving fundraising page if all members are fundraising for the same charity and would prefer to use the same page. Please list all of your names in the story section. Choose a web address that reflects your team name, you could also update the name in the JustGiving account to reflect your team name.


My charity isn’t on the list. How do I get them added?

Please complete our online Charity Request form if your Charity doesn’t appear on our registration list. You will need the name of the charity, a contact name, number and email. We’ll then contact them and do a few checks to see if we can add them to the list and check whether they are registered with JustGiving. Please note, your charity must be registered with JustGiving to receive an automated JustGiving page.

What happens to Gift Aid on donations?

Your charity will be responsible for all eligible Gift Aid on your donations. Make sure you encourage your donors to tick the Gift Aid box when donating. Find out more about Gift Aid eligibility here

Can I change the charity I’m fundraising for?

Yes, you can change your charity. Please email us at [email protected]. We must be notified of your change of charity a minimum of two weeks before the event.

If you have already set-up a JustGiving fundraising page, you cannot change the charity. You will need to close the page and set-up a new page for your correct charity. If you already have donations, your donors will need to contact JustGiving to request a refund.

Why does my JustGiving page show my charity instead of Kiltwalk?

We have changed our fundraising model and now all funds go directly to your chosen charity and that’s why it now shows on your JustGiving page.

What do I do with offline donations and can I add these to my fundraising page?

Offline donations must be sent directly to your chosen charity. You must get in contact with them to obtain their latest sponsor form for collecting offline sponsor funds.

You can add your offline donations to your JustGiving page by going to justgiving.com and logging in. (Please note, you must login to justgiving.com and follow these steps exactly to add offline donations).

Select ‘Your Fundraising’ from the right hand side menu. You should then see a list of all your active fundraising pages. Select the page you wish to add your offline fundraising to. Select ‘Donations’ and you can type in your total offline donation figure. Click ‘Save offline donation’ button and this will let your supporters see the total amount you have raised on your page.

If you are raising funds for ‘Kiltwalk’ please use the Kiltwalk Sponsor Form. Visit the STV Children’s Appeal page for more information.

If you are a ‘Kiltwalk’ fundraiser and would like to send us funds by BACS transfer or cheque, in both cases please email [email protected] for more information.

What are the cut-off dates for fundraising?

We kindly ask for all online and offline fundraising to be completed and sent to us no later than 2 months after your event.

My charity is on the Kiltwalk list but not JustGiving, how do I fundraise?

Please contact your charity directly and ask which fundraising method they use. You can then set-up an online page through their chosen fundraising website or collect funds offline with a charity specific sponsor form and send your well-earned fundraising to your charity direct through bank transfer or cheque.

The Route

Where does each walk start and end?

Route details are still to be confirmed. Please check the map section on this page for the latest updates.

Is the route suitable for wheelchair users?

The Mighty Stride and Big Stroll routes are not considered to be wheelchair accessible due to the terrain.

Kiltwalk endeavours to make all Wee Wander routes as wheelchair accessible as possible, however, unfortunately, due to the terrain on some of these, we cannot guarantee all are fully accessible. For more information please email [email protected]

Are prams and buggies allowed on the walk?

The Mighty Stride and Big stroll routes are not considered to be pram and buggy accessible due to the terrain.

Kiltwalk endeavours to make all Wee Wander routes as pram and buggy accessible as possible, however, unfortunately, due to the terrain on some of these, we cannot guarantee all are fully accessible. For more information please email [email protected]

Public Transport and Parking

What public transport options are there?

Detailed public transport and parking information will be made available on this page closer to your event date.